SCRAM Alcohol Monitor

SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring 


Alcohol MonitoringAlcohol Monitoring is the most used service that is used for court ordered monitoring. Offender Monitoring Solutions offers various types of Alcohol Monitoring products. Our most popular alcohol monitoring device is the SCRAMx

The SCRAMx and SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring bracelets are the simplest to use and most effective in our opinion of all the current alcohol monitoring devices on the market.  Hundreds of thousands of people have used this system, and have been able to overcome their alcohol addiction problems.  The SCRAM bracelet is an effective tool in helping first time DUI offenders as well as those who have had multiple DUI’s.

In the U.S.
More than 2/3 of victims who suffered violence by an intimate partner reported that alcohol had been a factor (current or former spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend). And in 75% of spousal abuse cases, the assailant was drunk at the time of the offense. That’s 750,000 of the 1 million offenses each year.
•  In 3 out of 4 incidents of spousal abuse, the offender had been drinking—75%
• 1/3 of DWI offenders in community-supervised corrections and 2/3 of those in jail are repeat offenders.
Each Year in the US:
Repeat Offenders
DUI Offenders in Community Corrections: 780,000 260,000
DUI Offenders in Jail/Prison: 60,000 40,000
The Primary Issues relative to alcohol, crime, rehabilitation, and testing/monitoring:
• Studies show that repeat DUI offenders generally have an alcohol abuse or addiction problem, so conventional punishment and sanctions do little to address the core problem.
• With drugs, residual indicators remain in the body long enough that random, periodic testing can identify drug violations. But alcohol metabolizes very quickly, so random testing makes it virtually impossible to catch someone who is drinking and violating the terms of their probation.
• Abstinence is essential for true behavior change, and the purpose of Drug, DUI, and other specialty courts is to work to change the behaviors that are causing the repeat offenses. 1/3 of offenders on probation for DUI and 2/3 of those incarcerated for DUI are there for repeat offenses.
• Testing once every hour closes that testing gap.Testing automatically, no matter where the client is, and without requiring his participation, eliminates the issue of simply missing a scheduled test, or drinking around testing schedules.
• Continuous Alcohol Monitoring is designed for long-term monitoring programs where abstinence is required. Breath, blood, and urine tests are relatively accurate at testing for alcohol, but they really only work for on-demand testing, such as a roadside sobriety test. Continuous Alcohol Monitoring is designed for long-term monitoring programs, to monitor around-the-clock for weeks and months at a time.
• DUI, domestic violence, and other alcohol-involved offenders are high-risk to the community, they clog the court dockets and probation case loads,and they keep returning to the system, over and over—because they have a drinking problem. A Continuous Alcohol Monitoring program will help courts and probation assess offenders, determining who truly has a drinking problem, and who does not; detect alcohol violations around-the-clock; and, ultimately, deter offenders from drinking while they’re in required sobriety, on the road to recovery.
• This is an all-new system that incorporates automated testing with patented anti-tamper systems

SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring is simple.

The offender doesn’t have to do anything.
Fast, accurate test results
Scheduled, random or on-demand tests with automatic re-testing
Secure data management on-site or via internet access
Immediate reporting to multiple remote locations via e-mail, fax, pager or SMS

If you need alcohol monitoring call Offender monitoring Solutions. Our knowledgeable, helpful staff will take care of your needs. Get court compliant today – Don’t wait till the last moment, make you appointment today and be court compliant ASAP. 253-203-6103

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